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3D printing

CAD modeling and professional 3D printing


Training and workshops: Arduino, CAD , 3D printing

maker stuff?

Arduino, 3D printer kits, Rasberry PI, 3D scanner...
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Web Design

Drupal,  webshop or graphic design? 

Vanaf januari 2016!
“Do you have great ideas but don't have place or tools? Want to meet new people and test your ideas? Want to develop your skills and learn new things? Or maybe you like good fun in a geeky style? We are creating Hackerspace in Erps-Kwerps. A playground and meeting place for everyone!”
Past, Present & Future
Need advice on your Arduino/Raspi/Mars Rover/Home Automation/Killbot electronics? You've come to the right place. Want to learn how to cook foodstuffs? Great, join us in the kitchen! Do you want to design and print your own clothing? Cool, let's go! Play around with powerful lasers? High Voltage equipment? Flammable materials? Cool, but remember: safety first. Do you want to learn how to break into computers? GO AWAY.
FENCOM's mission is to enable common ground between creativity, technology and art, having a lot of fun and sharing knowledge. And cookies.
CNC, 3D printing, PCB milling, coding.... everything is possible!
Our Skills
3D printing 100%
CAD 100%
Drupal 100%
Webdesign 100%
Arduino 100%
Hack Lab 100%

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